viaggio studio in Norvegia


IFMA Study trip to Norway

9. - 13. July 2014

Dear Friends,

in one of the last meetings of the IFMA-Board arose the idea of organizing a conference-travel to Norway in July 2014. This choice has different reasons: on the one hand it is connected with the issue of the

relationship between the trends of contemporary architecture and the intentions of organic design, on the other it relates to the lecture by Espen Tharaldsen during the last conference in the summer of 2013 in Emerson College, where Espen gave a short description of the development of his design in connection with the changes in the world and within the anthroposophical movement*.

We have the feeling that many impressive buildings in Norway offer the opportunity to deepen the question of the basic impulses (not least the need of relating to the context) and of the state of the organic

approach, in comparison to very interesting examples of contemporary architecture.

With this purpose we plan to visit some significant projects by "Arbeidsgruppen HUS" (main architect Espen Tharaldsen), the Waldorf School in Moss with its recent extension (architects Winfried Reindl, Imme Denker, Joachim Zimmer) and the Oslo Opera House by the famous Norwegian practice "Snøhetta". In all of this cases the authors (with exception of Winfried Reindl) will also be present, in order

to have a direct exchange about the intentions and the realization of the buildings.

In the conference we would like to combine architecture observation with conversations, both in the plenum units and while travelling.

Practical aspects

Working language will be English. For organisational reasons we can only offer a limited number of spaces. Therefore invitations to this summer event are first being circulated to those individuals, who stand close to the IFMA and its international work and who frequently attend other IFMA events. Should you wish to invite somebody else in your personal network, please check availability of spaces with the coordinators in advance.

To hold bookings for accommodation and venues in Norway, it is essential for the coordinators to get feedback and booking forms as soon as possible. We would kindly request that participants please respond by respond by 11th of May by e-mail. Booking confirmations will be sent out thereafter with payment details. Final bookings for all participants will be processed after the 18th May, past this point we can not guarantee availability of places at quoted costs.

In case of cancellations: we will only be able to refund costs for services not booked with other service providers (i.e. not Hotels, train tickets, etc). IFMA is only the coordinator of the trip, facilitating bookings on behalf of participants and we can therefore not offer any guarantees or refund options other than available through the original service provider.

For organisational and practical aspects:

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